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Reuteres/Mike Segar
Puttin down the Trump card.

Donald Trump’s campaign is now offering an “exclusive limited edition black card”

Hanna Kozlowska
By Hanna Kozlowska

Investigative reporter

Facing a tough uphill battle in the last weeks before the election, Donald Trump, newly “unshackled” from his party’s leadership, is offering his voters a fresh way to help him get elected: A “limited edition” Trump Black Card, which does absolutely nothing but remind you that you contributed to his campaign.

For a candidate who loves to hate on elites, this latest fundraising gimmick, promoted in a campaign email to supporters, exudes exclusivity. It’s ”non-transferable and “invitation only.” If you contribute a special discounted price of $35, you “activate your Elite Membership.”

The card itself can’t quite make up its mind whether it’s a “Trump card,” which would be a somewhat clever play on words, or a “black card,” connoting a high-end rewards credit card.

Screenshot, Trump campaign email.

Of course, the Trump campaign is not the first to distribute a useless card in exchange for a contribution. Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton used Trump’s disparaging comments about her playing the “woman card” to get elected to launch a literal “woman card,” which her supporters could get for a donation of their choice. 

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