Hillary Clinton at the River Run Bookstore in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Reuters/Brian Snyder
Do they have this at the library?

These are the books Hillary Clinton has been borrowing from the library

By Thu-Huong Ha

US secretaries of state and presidential hopefuls are just like us. When they want to read—but not buy—books, they borrow them.

Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails from her term as secretary of state reveal, among many things, a politician constantly bombarded with suggestions on what to read. Occasionally, the emails leaked earlier this year by WikiLeaks also show that when Clinton wanted to get some reading done, she asked her staff to ping the library.

A typical email from Clinton to her assistant reads:

It’s not clear which library Clinton used, but it’s likely the Ralph J. Bunche Library, a private library for department of state research. OK, so not exactly like the rest of us.

Below is a list of the books Clinton requested her staff borrow from “the library” for her to browse. The list includes a book of poetry and a memoir, as well as books on the CIA, climate change, and US history.