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Keegan-Michael Key forecasts denial, bankruptcies, and “existential misery” if Americans don’t vote

Screenshot/Save the Day
Predicting a “Wall Street suck hole” that “just pulls the ground out from under all 50 states.”
By Indrani Sen
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Save the Day, the video production company created by director Joss Whedon to encourage Americans to vote against Republican candidate Donald Trump on Nov. 8, is back with another ad.

This spot, directed by Whedon and starring the comedian Keegan-Michael Key of the sketch comedy show Key & Peele, features a chipper weatherman forecasting an apocalyptic future as president-elect Donald Trump prepares to be sworn in.

“We are seeing a heavy wave of denial coming from both coasts, dropping a high-blood-pressure front right in the center of the country,” Key begins, then goes on to predict civil unrest, bankruptcies, “existential misery,” and a “Wall Street suck hole” that “just pulls the ground out from under all 50 states.”

In typical Joss Whedon style, it just gets worse from there:

Whedon, the director of Avengers and creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has made a slew of viral videos featuring celebrities, urging Americans to vote. While they don’t mention Democrat Hillary Clinton by name, several strongly encourage voting against Trump.

Previous ads put out by Save the Day include a celebrity-studded spot that devolves quickly from boilerplate celebrity PSA to promises Mark Ruffalo will go “the full Monty” in his next movie, and one featuring a plummy Englishman pleading with America to “be the bigger moron” than post-Brexit-vote Britain, and vote for Trump:

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