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Your worst reply-all mistake was never this bad

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
That could have gone better.
  • Oliver Staley
By Oliver Staley

Business & culture editor

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Wall Street Journal editor Gerard Baker sent out an email this afternoon (Oct. 21) to his staff, announcing a round of voluntary buyouts. In response, Barron’s president Ed Finn—whose publication, like the WSJ, is owned by News Corp.’s Dow Jones—emailed back asking what the terms of the buyout would mean for an upcoming round of layoffs at Barron’s, which had not yet announced the job cuts to its staff.

One problem: He hit reply all.

Here’s Finn’s email, which was posted to TalkingBizNews, a website about business journalism:

Almar, John, Mike,
The email Gerry Baker just sent about wsj buyouts says that dj is offering 1.5x the standard buyout package.
Are we planning to go to the employees we are laying off at Barron’s next week and offer them 1x the standard package. That could create some problems. Please advise.
Thanks and best,

In the annals of reply-all horror stories, we may have found a new low.

Dow Jones did not immediately return a request for a comment.

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