The data that show why you can never get cheap airfare during the holidays in the US

Getting There
Getting There
With the holidays approaching, you may be searching for cheap airfares. Here’s why they may be hard to find.

This is the daily searches for US flights on Hopper.

Airlines can’t and don’t increase the number of seats available on flights. Schedules are set months in advance.

Travelers searching for flights is a signal those seats are in demand. Airlines raise prices.

The highest number of searches occur for flights around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But even during other national holidays you can see the pattern: fares go up.

If you fly a route with a lot of leisure travelers, like Denver-Orlando, fares are even higher during popular times.

On routes with a lot of business travelers, like Boston-Newark prices tend to fluctuate less.

Just like roses on Valentine’s day or Ubers in the rain, if you’re flying during peak season on popular routes, you’ll find yourself subject to supply and demand.

Select a city pair below to explore how prices are adjusted to meet supply and demand in various markets.

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