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We’re liveblogging Apple’s big Mac event today

It's been too long.
Published This article is more than 2 years old.

Apple debuted a refreshed line of its flagship laptops during a media event at its headquarters on Oct. 27.

The new line of MacBooks aren’t wildly different from their predecessors, but they are thinner and lighter. The biggest change is the Touch Bar— an OLED touchscreen that replaces the top row of function keys on the MacBook keyboard. Instead of having static keys, it will show different buttons for different apps. You can also program the bar to show a custom set of commands. Luckily, the headphone jack made it to these models.

There was no word on the iMac, Mac Pro, or the Mac Mini. And the first big announcement of the event had nothing to do with laptops: The Cupertino giant unveiled a new app for the Apple TV, called “TV,” that will serve as an interactive TV guide, drawing in your favorite shows and movies from different apps and aggregating them in one library. (No, Netflix isn’t available, sorry.)

We have wrapped up all the announcements in a separate post, and you can check out our live coverage from the event below.

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