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Americans love bacon, and here’s the proof

The fatty, salty goodness.
By Gina Chon
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Americans will add bacon to anything, it seems.

Payments company Square recently added a feature to its sales system, called Square Register, that allows for modifications to customer orders. For example, someone taking an order for a hamburger with extra pickles can add that modifier—extra pickles—to the system. And after a week with the new feature in place, Square data show that the top modifier in the United States and Canada is… bacon.

Square says it processes $12 billion in payments annually for millions of merchants. The new system will allow businesses to keep better track of customer preferences and inventory. And over time, the data may offer insights into consumer behavior.

Here are the top 10 modifiers applied to orders using Square Register, according to the company:











Despite the health-conscious reputation of California, the top modifier in that state was cheese. Texans, less surprisingly, added “extras” to their orders more often than anything else. Pennsylvanians opted for onions, and in coffee-loving Oregon and Washington, the top modifier was “extra shot.”

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