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That photo of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump in a lurid gold doorway is raising thousands for charity

Wigmore/Finn/Splash News
Milking it for all its worth.
By Marta Cooper
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Talk about a golden opportunity.

On Nov. 12, interim UKIP leader Nigel Farage and US president-elect Donald Trump met at Trump Tower in New York. The two men of the people marked the occasion with this photo in the building’s less-than-understated golden doorway, which was promptly republished by news outlets around the world.

Now, this picture for the ages is raising money for charity.

The Times of London reports today (paywall) that Andy Wigmore, a Farage aide and the snapper in question, has since been bombarded with requests from media organizations to use his picture. So much so that he sold the rights to picture agency Splash News, and will give the proceeds to the Royal Commonwealth Society, a London-based educational charity.

A running total of around £4,000 ($4,981) has been made from the photo being sold to UK newspapers and websites on Wigmore’s behalf, Splash News says, with the proceeds being split between Wigmore and the agency. Splash News did not have international sales figures readily available, but from UK sales alone the funds going towards the RCS are likely to be in the thousands.

“We don’t know how much has been raised yet, but we felt that proceeds should go to a good cause,” a UKIP spokesperson said.

The RCS would not comment on the donation, but said that “as a charity we of course welcome philanthropic support.”

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