The seating chart at Trump’s table of tech giants


US president-elect Donald Trump held a meeting today with various Silicon Valley luminaries.

Trump Tech CEO Meeting

The invite list for such a meeting, however, only tells us so much. Like at a good wedding, the seating chart is key—each decision should be made with utmost caution and intention. Here is where everybody sat at Trump’s tech meeeting.


Some items of note:

  • Peter Thiel, Trump’s most fervent Silicon Valley ally, got a seat right next to the president-elect.
  • Three Trump children were present at the meeting.
    • Actually four, if you include son-in-law Jared Kushner
  • Nobody from Twitter was at “the table,” despite Trump’s avid use of the platform. According to Republican National Committee spokesperson Sean Spicer, the table simply was not big enough.

Here’s a list of attendees and their positions, beginning clockwise from Ivanka:

Name Title
Ivanka Trump Trump’s daughter
Eric Trump Trump’s son
Brad Smith Microsoft president
Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO
Larry Page Alphabet CEO
Sheryl Sandberg Facebook COO
Mike Pence Gov of Indiana
Donald Trump President-elect
Peter Thiel Paypal founder, Facebook board member
Tim Cook Apple CEO
Safra Catz Oracle co-chief executive
Elon Musk Tesla CEO
Gary Cohn Goldman Sachs president/COO
Wilbur Ross Secretary of Commerce nominee
Stephen Miller Trump senior adviser
Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO
Ginni Rommety IBM CEO
Chuck Robbins Cisco CEO
Jared Kushner Trump’s son-in-law
Reince Preibus RNC chairman
Steve Bannon Trump campaign CEO
Eric Schmidt Alphabet executive chairman
Alex Karp Palantir CEO
Brian Krzanich Intel CEO
Don Jr. Trump’s son
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