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F*CK 2016

Holiday cards you’d send your family if you could be honest about 2016

Illustration by Eric Palma
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Here we are again, at the end of another year. It’s our annual chance to reflect, to gather with family, to eat, to drink, to be merry! And let’s be honest…to hide in the bathroom for extended periods of time, tooling around on our phones to escape a hoard of crazy relatives.

Because here in America, 2016 was—how do you say? A crap year. We’re ready for it to be over. We’re steeling ourselves to keep smiling as we exchange last-minute gifts with that racist, sexist cousin who flew into town without warning. We’re doing our genuine best to keep up with our Instagram food posts, even though we’ve already plumped up by 10 pounds. And we’re promising ourselves—holdover promises from Thanksgiving, really—that we won’t speak of he-who-cannot-be-named. He whose one-syllable moniker rhymes with lump. And dump. And chump.

But sometimes we give in. Sometimes we enter the land of dark thoughts. Fortunately, that land has holiday cards too. Here are some illustrated cards from our family (one editor, one illustrator, one kid, and one dog) to yours. They may not reflect the most cheerful view of our year in community, work, happiness, health, prosperity, hope, love and family…but at least they’re honest.

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