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Photos: The faces of inauguration

We think we found Waldo.
By Sarah Slobin
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Now that we’re in the first week of president Trump’s term, we’re ready to move past the debate about the size of the crowd at his inauguration and on to more substantive news. Much of the mainstream press has weighed in. As of the writing of this article the front page of Breitbart is leading with other news about MadonnaThe Blaze has a rotating gallery with the following four headlines:

  • President orders halts to last-minute Obama regulations
  • “Saturday Night Live” writer suspended for tweets about 10-year-old Barron
  • Trump says he’s about to cut taxes and regulations ‘massively’
  • Trump-Hitler comparisons continue, experts say such notions are unfounded

But before we move on… CNN has published an awesome interactive of the inauguration, using a gigapixel camera, that we couldn’t stop playing with. A gigapixel, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a DSLR camera on a motorized tripod that shoots for 10 to 20 minutes and captures an amazing, high-resolution, explorable 360° image.

We could not stop zooming in. Here are some fun things we noticed. (Hat tip to Thomas C. Kirkland, the Quartz reader who pointed us to it.)

A wide shot of Trump’s inauguration

The best seats

And some close-up images

Attendees wore a wide variety of hats. There were baseball caps, but also many fedoras and cowboy hats.

The melting pot

If you swivel in the image behind the podiums, way high in the back, here is where you find the camera people.

A main holding area for photographers from the media

Just like with head coverings, there are many creative ways to for photojournalists to cover their cameras.

Gray with green ties.
Clear white cover, pink tape
White and black
Blue and green
And of course, garbage bags. (We think.)

Speaking of plastic covering, lots of people had emergency rain ponchos. They come in all colors and are not really a great look. (Ask George W. Bush.) But hey, rain, what are you going to do?

There’s always someone.
Ponchos can be misleading. Here an adorable kid becomes a huge presence.

When you scan the crowd and take a snapshot, you can catch a resting face that’s not so great. There are some sad faces in this photo.

These people at this precise moment are not all smiling much.

These people, however, at roughly the same time, are really enjoying themselves.

These people were having a great time.

Randomly, this guy is in a t-shirt that looks like something artist Shepard Fairey would make.

Wish we could see what is going on. Is that a cat?

And finally, because at some point we have to stop playing with this fun image and get back to work: US senator Chuck Schumer from New York. He looks good! Like he’s really having a moment.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, Democrat from New York, listening to the inauguration speech.

Thanks CNN. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we don’t have enough zeroes to give you for this one.

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