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You, too, can spy with the NSA—and make $42,209 to $81,204 a year

NSA careers security data analysis collection prism fort meade
AP Photo/US Government
Your new office?
By Simone Foxman
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The Washington Post and Guardian report that the US National Security Agency had developed ties with some of the world’s largest technology and social media companies that allowed the NSA to sift through data about users in a program called Prism.

As it happens, just six hours ago, the NSA’s careers office tweeted about a job opening in its “Digital Network Exploitation Analyst Development Program,” located at its main campus in Fort Meade, Maryland:

To be clear, we can’t connect this job with the top-secret Prism surveillance program.

The posting describes a three-year internship:

Digital Network Exploitation Analyst Development Program (DDP) is to develop individuals who can perform discovery and target technology analysis of digital network and mobile communications. Individuals will support the Analysis and Collection Offices in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)…Individuals will support the Analysis and Collection Offices in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).

The job offers a salary of $42,209 to $81,204, and advertises that “graduates of this program are aggressively sought after because of their in-depth knowledge and breadth of experiences.”

Perhaps they can even get jobs at Google, Facebook, and other companies that are allegedly connected with Prism.

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