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Future space shuttle. (Twitter/Jeff Bezos)

Jeff Bezos has revealed photos of the New Glenn rocket engine designed to help Blue Origin shuttle humans to the moon

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Space Business

The private sector is heading out of the atmosphere.

It’s turned out to be a big week for Blue Origin. The Jeff Bezos-owned space company on March 6 that it has finished assembling the first of seven engines for the giant reusable New Glenn rocket, which is designed to carry humans and cargo to the moon by 2020, and on March 7 the firm announced the rocket’s first client.

The client is Eutelsat, the French satellite provider. According to Bloomberg, the company has bought one launch on New Glenn, scheduled for 2021.

The privately funded rocket will mainly be propelled by seven BE-4 engines, each providing 550,000 pounds of thrust at sea level, according to Blue Origin’s website. The company has declined to provide any additional information about the photographs tweeted out by Bezos.

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