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Reuters/Stefan Wermuth
Armed police respond outside Parliament.

How to watch live video feeds from traffic cameras around Westminster

By Joon Ian Wong

Earlier today, an attacker in London ran over several people with a car on Westminster Bridge and, in a seemingly related incident, a police officer outside of Britain’s parliament building was attacked by an assailant with a knife. The police have confirmed that four have died, including an officer and the attacker, and at least 20 have been injured during the attack, which is being treated as a terrorist incident.

London’s transportation authority publishes live feeds from traffic cameras around the city. You can access a live feed from cameras around the area of the attack in Westminster via the web.

Go to Transport For London’s traffic status updates page. Then input a location in the search bar, located on the left-hand-side of the page. This is the result for “Westminster Bridge” for instance.

You should see a map showing Westminster Bridge. Click the red circle with two exclamation marks in it. It looks like this: . This will show you affected areas that are closed.

To access the cameras in the area, scroll below the map, and click the box titled “View nearby Jam Cams.” A number of camera icons should now appear on the map above. They look like this: . Click one of them to access a feed from that camera.

This is a feed overlooking Parliament Square:

This is a feed from the south side of Westminster Bridge: