A recent history of protest drones, from Zuccotti Park to Taksim Square

It’s not just governments and crop-dusters using drones. The ability to put together your own flying camera for a few hundred dollars has led drones to be featured at demonstrations around the world, as protestors attempt to document the various unpleasant things the powers-that-be do to get them out from wherever they are. The above video comes from recent protests in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, and the drone in question was apparently shot down by police minutes after the sequence was filmed.

These videos, from a demonstration in Poland, got some attention in 2011:

You saw them over Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square during 2011 protests alleging rigged elections:


And even early efforts in New York during the Occupy Protests that didn’t quite get off the ground (start a little after the second minute):

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