In honor of the March for Science, here are the best science-themed protest signs

For all that can be said about this remarkable chapter of history, one thing is certain: we are living in a golden age of protest signs.

Saturday is the March for Science. In Washington, DC and more than 500 cities around the world, protesters will rally behind the radical idea that scientific inquiry and responsible environmental stewardship are good and useful things.

Scientists are naturals at the protest-sign game, which favors the clever and creative. But for marchers more used to expressing their ideas in multipage research papers, Quartz is here to help. We’ve compiled our favorite science-themed protest signs from previous marches. Go get some poster board (you might want to hurry) and start painting.

From XKCD:

Science is not a liberal conspiracy. Repost @sciencemarchdc #wehavethebestwords ・・・ "Being a middle school science teacher is a crazy undertaking. My job is different everyday. But that's one of the many reasons I love it! I get to see the surprise and excitement as my students figure something out or observe a natural phenomenon and can explain it! Or when they see their cheek cell for the first time and realize that they really are made of cells. I love science. I love my job. Science education isn't just important, it's crucial to a sustainable future." #WomensMarchPhilly #WhatScientistsLookLike #WomenInScience #PublicEducationProud #ScienceMarch #scienceoutreach #scienceeducation #scienceworks (Share your photos and thoughts with us to be featured! Email:

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