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Food Chicken Nuggets
AP Photo/Larry Crowe
Get ’em.

Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar selfie is no longer the most retweeted tweet of all time

Thu-Huong Ha
By Thu-Huong Ha


The internet has answered the call of one teenager’s extreme hankering for fried food. A post about chicken nuggets is now the most retweeted tweet ever.

In April, 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson from Nevada asked Wendy’s how many tweets he would need to get free chicken nuggets from the company for a year. The fast food chain tweeted back “18 million,” sending Wilkerson scrambling. The teen’s personal campaign quickly gained traction, however, with 3.47 million supporters (and counting) retweeting his request.

The message’s retweets have already surpassed the previous record-holding tweet. In 2014, actor and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie with a gaggle of celebrities while hosting the Oscars. That photo has 3.43 million retweets at the time of writing:

It should be noted that DeGeneres’s tweet, while star-studded, wasn’t premised on a campaign to get re-shared, like Wilkerson’s.

Wilkerson’s target of 18 million retweets is astronomically high, but Wendy’s has already promised the determined teen a year of fried snacks for his efforts. “So Carter…. ‘Consider it done’ on our end – you’ve more than earned our respect…and the nuggets,” writes Kurt Kane, chief marketing officer for Wendy’s, in a statement.

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