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The complete guide to working out using only free online videos

Courtesy Kelli Segars
Why leave your apartment?
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

For years, I paid about $150 a month for a membership at a boutique gym in Manhattan that made me feel fancy, but didn’t make me any healthier.

I believed that by joining an expensive gym, I would be more likely to keep up with a consistent regimen. But as time passed, I came to expect the monthly charge, and what at first seemed exorbitant began to feel reasonable. I started going to the gym going less frequently and working out less hard when I did drag myself in.

Courtesy Kelli Segars
Behind-the-scenes with FitnessBlender.

YouTube star Kelli Segars, who along with her husband Daniel runs the FitnessBlender franchise, said while working out at the gym is ideal for some people, it’s not for everyone. “I used to go kill myself at the gym,” she told Quartz. “Now I do 30 minutes at home, three to five times a week and I get better results. It’s hard for people to grasp, but it really does work better.”

The FitnessBlender YouTube channel has amassed more than four million subscribers (this reporter included) by offering more than 500 free workout videos for all levels.

“Life is a huge juggling act, and fitness is something that tends to be pushed toward the end of the list because you don’t have to do it,” Segars says. ”When you work out at home…it’s so simple that it smashes every excuse you can think of.”

Tips for working out using free online videos

I’m certainly not a trainer nor a medical professional, but here is what has worked for me over the past two years—along with a few best practices from Segars.

Do you have other tips? Please tweet me and share them—I would love to learn from you.

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