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If these leaked images are real, the forthcoming “cheap” iPhone is hideous

By Christopher Mims
ChinaPublished Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Two different channels for leaks direct from the production lines of Foxconn, where iPhones are made, have released, via social media, remarkably similar images of colored backs for what are supposedly the rumored, forthcoming “cheap” iPhone. If you’re in the market for this phone, we hope you like the color palette usually associated with Starburst candies.

Previous rumors put the number of different colors for the new iPhone at six, so even if these images are real, there are likely to be other colors. Note that the camera placement on these cases is identical to the typical camera placement on existing iPhones. Of course, it’s entirely possible that these are just backs for iPhone knockoffs, or even counterfeit iPhones designed to knock off a plastic iPhone that doesn’t yet exist.

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