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We're a guide to the new global economy for people excited by change.

Quartz was founded in 2012 to serve a new kind of business leader with bracingly creative and intelligent journalism that’s built for users first. We help our audience see around corners, navigate disruption in their industries, build fulfilling careers, broaden their views of the world, and enjoy lives rich with culture.

Our coverage of the global economy is organized around core obsessions—topics and questions of seismic importance to business professionals. These are the issues that energize our newsroom, and we invite you to obsess about them along with us.

We are more than 230 people around the world, including more than 100 journalists, with a significant presence in New York, London, Nairobi, New Delhi, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. Collectively, we speak 47 different languages, reflecting our global perspective and belief in a more open and connected world.

To serve you best, we produce our journalism across a range of platforms, with a particular focus on design, user experience, and new forms of storytelling. We’ve grown from a single website and email into a suite of digital products and brands, which are listed below.

Our products

We offer six editions of our website with different perspectives on the global economy.


Our emails are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend.


Quartz’s videos make you forget there was ever a time before pictures could move.


It’s news in a whole new way, delivered as though you’re texting with our team of smart and creative journalists.

Quartz Bot Studio

We create narrative experiences for messaging and voice platforms.


An open platform for anyone to quickly create beautiful charts—the same tool we use in the our newsroom.

    Quartz Creative

    We make best-in-class digital content, experiences, and products for brands that want more than media.

      Social Media

      Connect with us on your platform of choice, and get our view of the world in your feed.


      You can read our stories on a variety of other platforms. We go wherever our readers are.

      Meet the team

      We're a nerdy and creative bunch, who embrace the opportunity to change the way news is consumed on the internet. Our headquarters are located in New York City and London, with staff on five continents. We're passionate about Quartz's mission and values.

      Join our team
      We are always looking for talented people like you.

      We believe in...

      • Boldness and creativity

        At Quartz, there’s an opportunity to build something new every day, whether that’s taking up a new obsession, learning a new language, or trying something new in an ad unit. We always look for the chance to do things boldly, and with bracing creativity to produce the greatest work we could aspire to—and we take pride in the hard work of doing so.

      • Users first

        Our work takes place across different teams, disciplines, and timezones. Communicating with empathy means making sure that your message isn’t just sent, but received. It’s re-reading what you write before sending it off, treating your words with purpose, suggesting a video call when Slack isn’t cutting it. It’s being generous with the context you provide, instead of assuming the other person knows what you know. And we bring the same empathy to our communication with readers, emphasizing clarity in our journalism above all. It’s easy to say we put the user first, but harder to do it consistently.

      • Force of ideas

        At the center of our work are the ideas within our writing. We believe that ideas—to the good and not—have consequence. Our highest work is bringing rigor, insight, and intellectual honesty to that ultimate purpose of separating the bad from the good, giving voice, argument, and flight to the latter.

      • Taking ownership

        Our industry is in a constant state of transition. We’re all here, in part, because we’re excited by that change. It is each individual’s responsibility to improve a broken process, to ask questions if something doesn’t make sense, to correct inaccuracies, to fix a bug, to wipe up a coffee spill even if no one is looking. We experiment thoughtfully, challenge ourselves to uphold high standards, and leave things better than how we found them.

      • A more global world

        Quartz was created for a “post-national” readership: people who are curious about the world far beyond themselves, reject nationalist ideology, and believe that all cultures play a vital role in the global economy. These are also values of our journalism and of our staff. We hire people who bring new perspectives, cultures, experiences, and languages. We reject racism and xenophobia, among our own employees and in the broader political discourse. We believe a more open and connected world is better for everyone.

      • Spirit of generosity

        We seek in our ranks a spirit of generosity, a natural disposition in each colleague toward service and selfless conduct. Our writing should be cut from the same cloth—critical on the merits but informed by charity and forbearance in measuring motive and personal character.


      Quartz is defined, more than anything, by the people who work here. We're all different, but share a common affinity for that #qzlife.

      Michael and Olivia

      Quartz is streaming Zuckerberg's testimony on a huge screen because we're all nerds and this is our Super Bowl. #qzlife

      Kristi Thomas Boyce @raesevelt

      Elan and a sad dog

      Did the product team 3D print @qz cocktail picks for their cocktails? You bet they did. #qzlife

      Annalisa Merelli @missanabeem

      Joon and Shaun
      Quartz London
      More #qzlife this way 👉🏼
      Check out the latest photos from our far-flung staff

      Get in touch

      We’re eager to hear from you. See below for contact information specific to your needs.

      • Quartz membership program

        You can find information about our membership program here. If you still have questions, email

      • Contacting the Quartz Staff

        Tap or click any byline on Quartz for that writer’s email address, social media accounts, and latest stories. You can also peruse our staff listing for much of that information. Our email addresses tend to be short, but in a pinch, you can reach us at [first initial][lastname]

        We also have several ways to reach us confidentially.

      • Quartz Creative and our media kit

        View the Quartz Creative showcase site here, and get in touch with us about advertising opportunities at Our latest media kit can be found here.

      • If you’re having trouble with our products

        Please report bugs and other technical issues you may experience with any of Quartz's products to We’ll address the issue as soon as we can.

      • Press inquiries

        For media and broadcast inquiries, speaker requests, and press passes to Quartz events, please contact Ashley Huston at

      • Licensing and republication

        To license Quartz articles for republication in print or digital formats, please email

      • Pitches

        Quartz accepts a very limited number of freelance pitches. If you are interested in submitting a pitch, please use our Staff section to find the relevant editor and reach out to them directly. We appreciate your interest, but can’t promise a reply.

      • Send us feedback

        We’re eager to hear from you! Send us feedback, questions, and ideas to

      • RSS feeds

        Here’s our RSS feed of all stories published on You can generally obtain the feed for sections of Quartz—obsessions, tags, authors—by adding /feed to the end of the URL. You can also remix our feeds on IFTTT.

      • Mailing addresses

        Quartz has staff throughout the world, but our headquarters are in New York City and London. Our mailing address in New York is 675 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 410, New York, NY, 10010. Our mailing address in London is 2 Riding House Street, Marylebone, London, W1W 7FA. Emailing us is faster, though.