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Diversity, inclusion, and equality at Quartz

Since our founding, Quartz has proudly taken a more progressive and global view of business journalism than our competitors. Key to that approach has been hiring a diverse staff with wide-ranging backgrounds and elevating voices not typically heard in business media. That’s how, for example, we have produced fresh coverage of Indian and African business and of women in the workplace—because we speak from credible experience. In contrast to the rest of our industry, Quartz has shown that a relatively diverse and progressive workforce is not just possible; it makes for better journalism.

But we have a lot more work to do. Quartz is committed to improving the diversity of our staff, particularly representation of Black and Latinx staff in the United States, and to ensuring that our company is welcoming to employees of all backgrounds and treats everyone fairly. In 2020, we enacted several new policies to ensure diverse hiring and an inclusive and equitable workplace. Among our commitments was to regularly track and disclose demographic data on Quartz’s staff. The data below were self-reported by all Quartz employees and people who worked full-time on behalf of Quartz as of Aug. 1, 2020.

Demographics of Quartz staff

Gender identity

Race and ethnicity

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