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Reuters/Temilade Adelaja
The ever-busy Lagos became home for Dan Foster.

The unlikely story of a former US Marine who became the darling of Nigerian radio for two decades

Yomi Kazeem
Member exclusive by Yomi Kazeem

In hindsight, it seems improbable that a former US Marine and high school football player born in San Francisco, nearly 8,000 miles away from Nigeria, would end up becoming arguably the biggest broadcast personality of a generation in Nigeria.

But that’s exactly what happened with the late Dan Foster—the legendary radio presenter who moved to Lagos at the turn of the millennium and became a national radio sensation. Foster, 61, passed away last month after contracting Covid-19.

The scale of Foster’s popularity and larger than life personality has shone through in the aftermath of his death with tributes coming from friends, family and fans, who grew up listening to and falling in love with Foster for nearly 20 years across four stations in Lagos.

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