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How Jeff Bezos influenced African e-commerce

Amazon CEO Bezos is silhouetted during a presentation of his company's new Fire smartphone in Seattle
Reuters/Jason Redmond
Amazon doesn't have any e-commerce facilities in Africa, but Bezos' influence can still be felt.
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Compared to other regions, Amazon’s physical presence in Africa is limited. And yet at the same time, Amazon is everywhere.

The company has not rolled out its e-commerce platform in Africa, although consumers in 17 African countries can order Amazon items to be shipped internationally. Still, is one of the most visited e-commerce sites in South Africa, according to the International Trade Administration. Amazon’s web services arm had its genesis in Cape Town. Prime Video is one of the continent’s most popular streaming services. And Jeff Bezos, who announced on Feb. 2 that he was stepping down as CEO of the company after its first $100 billion quarter, has had a significant influence on African entrepreneurs and startups.

Quartz Africa reached out to a number of leaders in the e-commerce space to understand the legacy Jeff Bezos, and Amazon under his stewardship, have left in Africa.

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