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Reuters/James Akena
Tremors of the earthquake were felt in parts of Uganda, near Lake Victoria.

An earthquake in Tanzania has killed 13 people

By Yomi Kazeem

At least 13 people have been confirmed dead by the local authorities following a 5.7 magnitude earthquake near Bukoba, a town in northern Tanzania yesterday (Sept. 10), reports BBC. In addition, more than two hundred people are said to be injured as the quake’s intensity saw tremors felt in parts of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. 

The US Geographic Survey, which records earthquakes globally, described the earthquake as having a magnitude of 5.9 and a depth of 40 kilometers.

Much of the damage and many of the injuries and fatalities are believed to have been inflicted by building collapses with local authorities confirming that all fatalities were people “in brick structures.”

The earthquake is the first over the preceding century to hit within 100 kilometers of Bukoba, according to the US Geological Survey.