Claudia Bracholdt


Claudia Bracholdt was a Quartz intern. She keeps a close eye on all things Germany, such as the country’s role in Europe’s financial crisis as well as domestic issues. Claudia graduated from the City University of New York with a master’s degree in Journalism. Before she came to New York, Claudia was a reporter for local German newspapers. She worked as production assistant for historical documentaries about the Berlin Wall and life in the GDR. In 2012, Claudia was awarded a journalism fellowship at Auschwitz to study ethics. Claudia also writes about science and technology, with a particular interest in research and development, and innovation. She wants to begin a feature profiling scientists and their work. She has been freelancing for The New York Times, Döbelner Allgemeine Zeitung,, Sächsische Zeitung and the Mott Haven Herald. When she is not writing, Claudia enjoys multimedia storytelling, German chocolate and This American Life.
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