Gloria Dawson


Gloria Dawson was a reporter covering startups and the media industry for Quartz. She also oversees photography on the site, and in this role, she defends readers from sights of help wanted ads, checks being signed, men in business suits shaking hands, and other offending cliché business photos. She's behind many of the snippets and scoops sent from the Quartz social sites. She most recently worked in the social media department of the New York Times while finishing her masters degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She previously helped launch Hearst Digital Media’s environmental website, The Daily Green, and worked for the site as the photo and web editor. She started her career in the photo departments of Allure and Vanity Fair magazines.

It was 2007 in the art world this year

Auctioning "The Scream" in Sotheby's in New York

The high-end art market continued to expand beyond the United States and Europe this year, particularly into China, where sales remained strong amid sluggish economic…

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