Jenni Avins

lifestyle reporter

Jenni Avins is the lifestyle reporter at Quartz. Most recently, she covered fashion, food, travel, and pop culture as a freelancer for The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Vice, Harper’s Bazaar, Gourmet, Saveur, and She was also contributing editor to New York Magazine’s fashion site, the Cut. Jenni is usually wondering what to wear, and has explored the question via her personal site, Closettour, since 2009. Closettour has won a McCormick Foundation grant for entrepreneurial journalism and a Webby nomination for its videos. Jenni began her career in fashion, managing knitwear production for Edun, and her favorite fashion stories have taken her to a fetish-wear factory in the Brazilian rainforest, New Jersey wetlands teeming with muskrats, and a terrifying basement full of animal pelts in rural Pennsylvania. She is fluent in Portuguese. Obsessions: indigenous dress, baking, and Brazil.
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