S. Mitra Kalita

Executive editor

S. Mitra Kalita is the executive editor (at large) for Quartz. She served as the site's founding ideas editor and maintains it is not just the best title in the world but the best job. She worked previously at the Wall Street Journal, where she oversaw coverage of the Great Recession, launched a local news section for New York City and reported on the housing crisis as a senior writer. She also launched Mint, a business paper in New Delhi, and has previously worked for the Washington Post, Newsday and the Associated Press. She is the author of three books related to migration and globalization, and speaks seven languages (but only four of them half decently). She has taught journalism at St. John's, UMass-Amherst, and Columbia Jschool, and previously served as president of the South Asian Journalists Association. She is at work on a book about school choice through the Spencer Fellowship. Born in Brooklyn, Mitra was raised in Long Island, Puerto Rico and New Jersey—with regular trips to her grandparents’ villages in Assam, India. She lives (and eats) in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of New York City, along with her artist husband, two daughters and one mutt. She tweets @mitrakalita and her website is www.mitrakalita.com.
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