Suneera Tandon


Suneera Tandon is a writer for Quartz India, based in New Delhi. She reports on what Indians are buying, sharing and eating, among other things. She has previously worked with the Mint Newspaper in Delhi and Bengaluru, before which she was with Businessworld Magazine. Suneera holds a master's degree in literature from the University of Delhi and a diploma in print journalism.

What do Indians do on the internet?

Commuters watch videos on their mobile phones as they travel in a suburban train in Mumbai, India, April 2, 2016. With smartphone sales booming and India preparing for nationwide 4G Internet access, India's film and TV industry hopes the ease of tapping your phone for the latest release will generate profits at last, overcoming the problems of woefully few cinemas and rampant piracy. Picture taken April 2, 2016.

Internet-savvy Indians are hooked to Google, Facebook, and Amazon, a report released by media management company GroupM says. An average Indian with internet access spends…

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