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Coronavirus living briefing

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In this living briefing, we looked at how Covid-19 was affecting major aspects of the global economy. Updates since your last visit were highlighted for easy skimming.

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Recent updates


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In April, the US, EU, and South Africa suspended the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. US data suggest a one-in-a-million chance of blood clots, which is twice as unlikely as a lightning strike.

In March, China’s CanSino Biologics began trials for an inhaled version of a Covid vaccine, while Pfizer tested an oral antiviral drug similar to those used against HIV and hepatitis C.

EU: Pfizer-BioNTech; Moderna; Astra-Zeneca/Oxford; Johnson & Johnson

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India’s crisis

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The international community is trying to help India. Here’s a list of countries that have pledged support.

In April 2020, India’s manufacturing and services sectors recorded the sharpest contraction among the world’s top 10 economies. In August, its manufacturing sector grew for the first time in five months.

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The virus

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In March 2021, the WHO published its Covid-19 origins report. The “most likely” explanation was animal-to-human transmission in China; a lab leak was considered “extremely unlikely.” Meanwhile, major economic powers demanded a new investigation.

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