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Unlocking AI could upend geopolitics

By Axios Future

In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution cemented Great Britain's claims to global superiority, and later catapulted the United States into dominance. But they were not alone. Japan and GermaRead full story


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  • This is a race between Silicon Valley and Beijing, not Washington and Beijing. And the winner will be determined by what form AI breakthroughs will take. If AI is like climate change—a bunch of experiments with some technologies, some that work, most that don’t—the edge goes to Silicon Valley. If AI is like the space race, where it’s all about who has the most resources and the best-coordinated approach, the smart money is on Beijing.

  • If AI upends geopolitics, it probably won't be to China's advantage. China benefits in a world where its large population translates directly into power. Major technological changes like the industrial revolution break that link.

  • Colin James  Nagy
    Colin James Nagy Head of Strategy at FRED & FARID

    Axios Deep dive on AI and nation states. And surprise, the US is distracted and behind China.

  • Ernie Sander
    Ernie SanderDirector of Platform Community at Quartz

    We're so focused on how AI will change our toasters and our self-driving cars that we talk/think very little about how it could reshape the world order. And when we do talk about countries to watch in the AI race, it's always China, China, China.

    This is a long but really interesting read that offers all kind of interesting pieces of history and nuances to the AI revolution.

  • Adaora Udoji
    Adaora Udoji

    The list of countries who might snag a greater role on the globe is probably much longer for the simple reason the expertise is expanding daily.

  • The greatest geopolitical competition taking place in the world is being waged between China and American companies over geotechnology and specifically AI. However unlike during the Cold War these tech companies are not working closely with the US government therefore the geopolitical implications will be far more complicated as this article highlights.

  • David Rodeck
    David RodeckDirector of Content at Invested Media

    The race is on for AI! While we focus on other countries, I hope the AI itself doesn't surpass us.

  • Glenn Marques
    Glenn Marques

    Sounds like an awful lot of fuss just to get cheaper car insurance!

  • Yuni Wakamatu
    Yuni Wakamatu

    In my view,the AI has been empowering each country.

    A genius understanding how to utilize AI must be

    in every country.

    AI deterrance(as in nuclear one)will develop in the future.

  • Chris  Harris
    Chris Harris

    Modularization of AI could allow for significant energy consumption pattern and paradigm shifts to save consumers cost of implementing integrated home environments. Individual presence detection and programmed anticipates would reduce tasks and provide greater life balance.

  • David Landau
    David LandauManaging Partner

    Expect that it will

  • Edna Rein
    Edna ReinMcGill University

    Nothing is clear today- not geopolitics, education, healthcare or relationships. Will AI take us in new directions? Let's hope so.

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