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Deepfakes are coming. Is Big Tech ready?

By CNNMoney

The next wave of misinformation is upon us: Experts say it won't be long before so-called deepfakes are used to foment discord or affect an electionRead full story


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  • Jay Lauf
    Jay LaufCEO at Quartz

    This, easy access to drones and the little looming retirement crisis are the most daunting near future threats to US in my mind.

  • I was hoping deepfakes wouldn’t achieve believability until after the 2020 election. Sigh. Well, if you can’t fight them, join them: can someone make a deepfake of my high-school crush saying he wished he had taken me to prom?

  • One way to combat deep fakes is to make sure you’re getting your facts from reputable news & science journals that are properly referenced or peer reviewed. All else is fluff for the machine.

  • i’m waiting for the alt-right version of sacha baron-cohen to emerge. though i suppose you need a sense of humor for that, which they are devoid of.

  • James Randorff
    James RandorffMusician, Instructor at US Navy

    This sounds radical, but amending Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act to hold the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc) accountable will force these platforms to take seriously how they will protect against Deepfakes.

    Though it would be unpopular, the solution may be that information must move a little slower so we can stay ahead of fakes, stopping them before they go viral.

  • I agree with Jay’s assessment: “This, easy access to drones and the little looming retirement crisis are the most daunting near future threats to US in my mind.”

  • Peter Barr
    Peter Barr

    I wonder whether each of needs to go back and start following again on social media one of those gullible people who seems especially vulnerable to deepfakes. That way we can dutifully fact check their most egregious posts and reply with links to Snopes, et al. Too snarky? Perhaps. (I wasn’t really friends with them anyway.)

  • James Carlton
    James Carlton

    To be very honest, this issue looks like a bigger problem than all these social media platforms have faced. In recent years, it had always been from one form to another and they try as much as possible in order not to ruin technology for them. However, I'm sure there is gonna be a solution. Maybe not 100% effective but enough to minimize damage and cause international issues.

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