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The FDA Has Cleared Its First Digital Birth Control App

By Gizmodo

Couples in the U.S. looking to either conceive or avoid pregnancy will now have a new tool available to them. On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration announced it has permitted a digital birthRead full story


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  • An exciting milestone, though the term “digital birth control” is confusing. I am sure FDA approval will impact how the app is marketed, but I (and a lot of my millennial peers) have been using free versions of this app for years.

  • In my humble opinion, this should be rather used for capturing the best timing for pregnancy, not for birth control.

    My wife interpreted the body temperature pattern totally the other way around and it took her years to get pregnant...

  • "The app appears to be as good at preventing pregnancy as other contraceptive methods" ha, monitoring nature > manipulating nature

  • I love all the things happening for women’s health this year! This app sounds great!

  • Can I see oysters in this app? On how much do I need to eat to boost my little armies?

  • Use the random-entropic method: have 10 kids

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