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Amazon Working On DVR For The Streaming Era – Report

By Deadline

Amazon is working on a new DVR device for the streaming era that that would be a household’s hub for the company’s online video. Citing sources, Bloomberg reports that the gadget — known in-house aRead full story


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  • Tobin Smith
    Tobin SmithFounder CEO at Transformity Research

    When this is added to Echo and Prime...the “augmented value proposition “ as Ted Cotter coined will be a killer value proposition

  • Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'BrienCEO at MediaTech Ventures

    These ideas always confuse me... it's streaming, meaning watch whatever, whenever. What are we DVRing??

  • MichAl Anne Harris-McNeil
    MichAl Anne Harris-McNeil

    If I purchase one of these DVR boxes will I be able to get HBO, STARZ, and etc. How many channels will a customer receive. I have Comcast/ Xfinity with over 220 channels. How comparable is this to their DVR boxes?

  • "...While dinging TiVo’s market for digital video recorders."

    Did I miss something? Is it still 2001?

  • Marcela  Sapone
    Marcela SaponeCo-Founder & CEO at Hello Alfred

    Not sure why this is breaking news

  • Magic Tigger
    Magic TiggerConsultant

    Does anyone else remember the B&O approach to life? Simplicity. And it worked. I for one am getting sick of the plethora of fabulous gadgets we all have access to these days which ALMOST most together but don’t for obvious competitive reasons. Take a small example. Sonos float. Not to good because Amazon can pull Alexa off it at almost the drop of a hat.....

  • allie carbajal
    allie carbajal

    one of my favs

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