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2018’s Highest-Paid Actor, George Clooney, Didn’t Even Have to Make a Movie

By Vanity Fair

George Clooney has released no films or TV projects in the last year—yet he brought home nearly twice what runner-up Dwayne Johnson did, all thanks to tequilaRead full story


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  • Go George. Successful folks often make more $$$ deploying capital, connectivity or creativity in ‘non-core’ arenas. Nice to see IMO.

  • There was a time, not that long ago, that an actor at Clooney's level would never appear in ads (at least in the US), shill for products, or be seen pushing their own non-movie projects. That Clooney is 2018's highest-paid actor — based on his tequila — shows just how far the industry has come. And how much the personal economics have changed.

  • Hasn't Warren Buffett appeared in films? This whole story seems more focused on explaining Clooneys tequila biz than tracking trends in big money roles/talent.

  • Does he really count as an actor for the year, in this case? It seems to me like him owning an incredibly successful tequila company is not equivalent to him being an actor. People are allowed to have various careers, jobs and passions. If he wasn’t paid for anything involving acting, how can he top this list?

  • Always interesting to see how much everyone else is making.

  • “Bread & Butter” investments, are the only true forms of security one can hope to achieve, away from the rare and far in between streams of income no matter how big they are. Other actors are following George Clooney’s example, like Ryan Reynolds who just recently announced his Gin brand ‘Aviation’.

  • When was he last In a box office smash hit? Or a movie at all? At this point he is more of a business owner that occasionally appears in movies.

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