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Why Hasn’t Science Solved Acne Yet?

By The Atlantic

Dermatologists are cautiously optimistic that a new vaccine could work better than so many other flawed treatmentsRead full story


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  • It's disappointing to see people respond to slow science with anti-science. Good science takes time. There are many conditions we have yet to solve. That doesn't mean we should abandon scientific inquiry altogether. And certainly not for these silly "wellness" trends like spices and crystals.

  • Another alternative that you still have to weight out the side effects. Turmeric Curcumin works as an anti-inflammatory as well but it natural with no known side effects other than possible allergy. It also works wonders on the endocrine system and has antibacterial properties. Again, they don’t treat the root cause, they cover up the symptoms with more chemicals that do more damage over time. It all comes down to clean eating, clean water, clean air, and hygiene education. I can’t believe they went towards vaccinations for this problem.

  • A new methode of treatment for this problem that have more source than an healthy live style, good eating habits and good hygienic manner.

    Having fight the acnee when I was a teenager, I can just understand how it's difficult to manage.

  • @Tiffany Gardiner

    “It all comes down to clean eating, clean water, clean air, and hygiene education.”

    No, it really doesn’t.

    So glad we have people who think scientifically who are developing actual medical treatments, and not those who would abandon the scientific method in favor of things that make them feel superior to others like “all-natural” spices.

  • Your skin is a reflection of what you put in your body. Eat clean, don’t consumer refined sugar i.e. soda, sweat through exercise and you will see drastically better results than any of the harsh insane acne medications that are prescribed with side effects like “suicidal tendencies”. Great I have clear skin but hate life...hoorayyyyy.

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