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These Scientists Formed a Fortnite Squad to Teach Players About Climate Change

By Earther

Amid the 125 million Fortnite players, you’ll find rich and famous folks like Lil Yachty, Drake, and David Price (just not at Fenway). But there’s a new squad in town that’s about more than talkingRead full story


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  • Clever experiment. Go to where the audience is. Might there be lessons to learn from Facebook advertising? A challenge: are the players in learning mode when on Fortnite to play? Similar to the challenge faced by Facebook ads, are members in the mood for shopping when hanging on FB?

  • Great example of creative use of an emerging platform (Fortnite) for social impact (climate change)

  • Meeting the market on their medium offers a way to increase exposure. In this story, scientists and communication officers are looking to get young people thinking about climate change, who otherwise have no opinion on the subject. Young me would have wanted to hang out with scientists in a video game.

  • Xavier Davis
    Xavier DavisSr. Technology Analyst at Alight Solutions

    Though a great approach, I feel like those playing fortnite are the least resistant to believing climate change. The people that need to be taught and convinced are more likely at casinos, bingo, or golfing. Yes, I'm being slightly facetious but I think older people are the audience in need of this education more so than those on fortnite.

  • Kurt Bateman
    Kurt BatemanConstruction Worker

    I am not a gamer but realize how fun it is to zap a bad guy or monster. Playing games is part of our nature and great motivation. It sounds like games are now becoming more sophisticated and are being used as a teaching tool to examine the real world and the different tools used to deal with practical problems.

  • Andrew Orihuela
    Andrew Orihuela

    Ive never seen an example of edutainment quite like this. Instead of trying it make a fun game which teaches a concept, these researchers are just using an existing platform to spread knowledge. This is awesome!

  • Dr. Roxanne Seigel
    Dr. Roxanne Seigel

    It’s not the empirical evidence of our planet’s climate activity and change we “old folks” dismiss while on the golf course, but it’s many of the man made reasons and subsequent solutions that in reality are just global $ scams. You can be sure we would be expected to give up our bits of luxury while the elite “ruling” class would still be flying in their private jets, etc. But using Fortnight platform is brilliant only if information is kept at a TRUE scientific data level and not skewed to get the results they want.

  • Yuni Wakamatu
    Yuni Wakamatu

    Teaching through the game or video is high data rate.

    Just following the sentence or graph is oftentimes abstract.

  • Jose Soler
    Jose Soler

    Hey Teacher ..... leave those kids alone

    All we are it’s just a brick on the way!

  • Nowhere is safe.

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