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The Internet's Six Wildest Theories on the New Mexico Observatory Mystery

By Vice

Aliens are here, a massive sun disaster is coming, and moreRead full story


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  • Max Lockie
    Max LockiePlatform Editor at Quartz

    The most interesting story in the country right now. It really feels like the aliens are coming any day now.

  • Kirl and Sulu beamed into the facility, got captured. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew HallSpeech-Language Pathologist -retired

    I have to admit with everything going on in the country and world I have paid little to no attention to what’s going on at this New Mexico observatory but we can only hope aliens ARE coming back to pick up members of the current administration in Washington. It appears somehow the entire Congress, President, and White House staff are individuals moved forward in time and place from Mississippi in the 1940’s to Present day. They are clearly failing to belong so this failed alien experiment needs to be ended. 😂

  • Farhan Mustafa
    Farhan MustafaCo-founder at Grafiti App

    where’s Jodie Foster from Contact at a time like this?

  • Definitely an interesting array of not so probables except for the Chinese hack aimed skyward to capture what our sat’s overhead can reveal when tuned differently. OR RUSSIA!

  • Patricia Lincourt
    Patricia LincourtSocial Worker

    All of the ingredients that beg for wild speculation and lingering conspiracy theories. There is a lot of grist many documentaries. Seriously though, it is also good reason for the people who are investigating to give as much information as possible. My guess is that the facts are fairly mundane.

  • Roseanne  Carter
    Roseanne CarterRegistered Nurse

    Dear Aliens,

    Please consider the ADKAR model upon landing. Vice will help you with awareness.

    Love, Rosy

    Seriously, I’ve been waiting for the aliens to bust onto Earth since Trump was elected.

  • John Harris
    John HarrisSci-Fi author

    My guess is somebody found child porn on one or more of the computers there. For all their faults, the FBI is rather quick to respond when it comes to that...

    EDIT: Damn, I'm good! That is EXACTLY what happened...

  • Jeff Hamilton
    Jeff Hamilton

    And today, entirely by coincidence, NASA launched a $1B satellite containing the most powerful lasers ever designed...for the sole purpose of measuring Earth’s ice, of course! 😉

  • Joe Parker
    Joe Parker

    This is really fascinating!

  • William Wood
    William WoodOwner at William Wood

    Must be a FISA Warrant storage vault!

  • Ellery back
    Ellery back

    The facts will come out soon and we will be surprised.

  • Damien  P.
    Damien P.

    What’s happening at the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico?

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