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A Maine Restaurant Wants to Kill Lobsters Humanely by Getting Them Stoned

By Eater

Marijuana could be the key to tastier shellfish that dies happierRead full story


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  • Great, now I’ll have a new anxiety when I’m high.

    *what if I’m the lobster?*

    *who or what in life is merely prepping me for slaughter?*

    *mmm, lobster*

  • Sonya Jackson
    Sonya JacksonproFounder at Mantra for Good

    Brings new meaning to “baked” lobster. Seems mean to mellow the lobsters out before killing them. Don’t try this at home.

  • Melody Beals
    Melody Beals Quality at Medical Devices

    First of all, what a waste of pot! Can, “Kill” and “Humainly” really go into a sentence together? Kind of an oxymoron if you ask me. Either way, the lobster dies.

    Red Lobster...Dead Lobster...I want a biscuit.

  • I would totally take this option if offered.

  • James Randorff
    James RandorffMusician, Instructor at US Navy

    Today, in News of the Weird:

    "Pot Lobster for the Lobster Pot"

  • Mark  White
    Mark White Founder at White Label Media

    I’ve heard marijuana also heightens certain senses, so yes they might be mellow but it might also put them in touch with how bloody hot it is —stabbing them between the eyes or electrocuting them (as suggested alternatives) sound equally bad.

  • Greg Vetter
    Greg VetterCEO at Tessemae’s

    Can you get the actual blunt used as an appetizer?

  • JJ Brennan
    JJ BrennanMan At The Top at Blue Spruce Productions

    A happy lobster is definitely gonna taste better than the ones who get boiled alive.

  • Michael Weston
    Michael WestonUtrzymac Wielka Ameryke

    Well now, isn't this interesting. In order to sell marijuana use to the voters, it has been touted as a "cure-all" for whatever ails humans. Anxiety starts the long list of ailments and now the dying process can be added. Pot use will make death more pleasant! How nice.

    Next we are going to be told self-driving cars will make road kills less distressing for us, no humans at the wheel.

    Sympathy for lobsters?

    Utterly ridiculous!

  • A clever marketing and publicity stunt.

    But they need to be careful as those customers are also judgmental about how other things are being handled and where it was sourced from, sustainable or not, fair trade or not, and on and on!

  • Howie Thompson
    Howie ThompsonKaplan University

    Cannabis infused Lobster for sale!

    Someone commented:

    First of all, what a waste of pot! Can, “Kill” and “Humainly” really go into a sentence together? Kind of an oxymoron if you ask me. Either way, the lobster dies.

  • Charles Griffee
    Charles Griffee

    Must be in Stonington?

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