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Targeted neurotechnology restores walking in humans with spinal cord injury

By Science Daily

Spatially selective and temporally controlled stimulation of the spinal cord, together with rehabilitation, results in substantial restoration of locomotor function in humans with spinal cord injuryRead full story


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  • They figured out how to mimic signals to activate intended movement. They wouldn’t feel touch, but they can move with impressive accuracy. I hope they can productize something for rehabilitation. Amazing.

  • D.A. Wallach
    D.A. WallachproRecording Artist & Investor

    What could be cooler than this? Electrode implants enabling paralyzed patients to walk again. Amazing!

  • David Landau
    David LandauManaging Partner

    Incredible advancement in paralysis treatment

  • Steve Snow
    Steve Snow

    What a beautiful victory for science... and for countless people around the world who have been praying for one for a long time! Kudos to this advancement and those perseverant scientists who have made this happen!

  • Christina Yin
    Christina Yin

    So cool! I love the limitless potential when we cross technology with healthcare

  • Kirk Eipper
    Kirk EipperBluenose Mass Media

    A sugerons knife left me in bad shape, id do this in a heartbeat

  • Yuni Wakamatu
    Yuni Wakamatu

    Great news!

    Neurotechnology is still new department.

    I hope more folks get interested in these technology.

  • Susan  Grekso
    Susan Grekso cashier

    Wonderful news and new hope for those who believed they would never walk again. Medical advancement needs many more victories through science.

  • Bo French
    Bo French

    It’s about time, we spend so much money on research that isn’t always used in the right places, We. Need to enable paralyzed people a second chance at life, even if it’s small way they deserve us trying. Bo

  • Dennis Plasse
    Dennis Plasse

    We are very much interested, please show us all how we recover this ability thank you

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