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Why are CEO photos so weird?

By Vox

A Forbes photo director explainsRead full story


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  • It’s so worth reading this article just to see the photo of Gates. Next time someone says “it was better in the old days,” you can send them the photo as proof that it wasn’t.

  • A lot of CEOs are celebrities of sorts; the digital age means it’s a lot easier to get information about them, hear what they’re up to — kind of like we treat our favorite actors. It doesn’t surprise me that they also get the same kind of treatment as other icons in their photos where they have to seem unique, human, and likable

  • This one of Bill Gates curled up on top of the desk is so odd .. Amazing to think it captured the zeitgeist at the time.

  • Never thought about it. Like the old Steve Jobs photos though. The one with Bill on the table looks weird but they are all interesting enough to make you stop and think.

  • Sometimes I wonder if all the fuss about imagery really matters that much. A CEO that who is notable enough to appear in a Forbes photoshoot has likely, already defined her/himself to the interested public. We all have a image in our mind of the CEO based on his/her known behavior. The image almost always reinforces what we already believe.

  • That Bill Gates picture is as great as all the comments say.

  • Hands down the Gates photo has got to be the best CEO photo. If I had to guess, Gates still has that up in his bedroom 😂

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