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Under Armour’s #MeToo Moment: No More Strip Clubs on Company Dime

By The Wall Street Journal


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  • Heather Landy
    Heather LandyEditor at Quartz At Work

    I am trying to stay optimistic about the fight for gender equality in the workplace. But if this is what we're up against — major brands still expensing "business" trips to strip clubs in 2018 and hiring scantily clad women for corporate events at the CEO's house — I mean, where do I even begin? We are decades past the boom boom room and more than a year into #MeToo now, and we are much, much farther from the finish line than I realized.

  • Wow that was still something people did after the 80s? I thought that was only a Gordon Geko parody...

  • Setting the bar pretty damn low there.

  • Jessica Nish
    Jessica NishTechnology Educator

    And all of the money wasted on strip clubs could’ve actually gone towards good causes.... corporate America wastes so much money it’s ridiculous.

  • Eva  Scazzero
    Eva ScazzeroProduct manager at Quartz

    Statements like “Strip-club visits were symptomatic of practices women at Under Armour found demeaning,” enforce the idea that culture shifts happen as a favor to women, you know, to alleviate their hysteric plea for equality.

    If Under Armour’s male employees aren’t as uncomfortable with the existing sexist culture as their female employees, they’ve got people problems that run much deeper than strip-club business meetings.

  • Jason Stack
    Jason StackDigital Marketing Associate at Marccx Media

    I thought that level of sleaze was reserved for Wall Street and VC types ...

  • It's surprising that athletes and sports people are the ones still participating in such practices... One would think people are growing values but here it is, yet again.

  • I can see where the women may choose to go to the strip club because it gives her male coworkers a strategic advantage over the client account. You want to be in the room when business is conducted. It’s beyond me how any of these Execs can reconcile this behavior in today’s climate. The article hints they now have 0 female executives because they made them all extinct.

  • Why do almost all sporting goods industries, certainly those that spring from traditional sports or feature high adrenaline have this cultural undercurrent? Skateboarding is the only intensity sport I can think of that doesn’t seem to dwell on sexual promiscuity and permissiveness when entertaining professionals or corporate clients. Is it because they are lucky enough to be that countercultural?

  • John Dortmunder
    John Dortmunder

    Were they allowed to charge visits to male strip shows? If so, what’s the problem?

  • Ron Jacobs
    Ron JacobsRetired General Counsel of NYSE traded Corp

    The “Chippendales and “Thunder from Down Under” exist because women share the same prurient interests as men.

    Deny it and you’re hypocritical. Oh and stop gawking at George Clooney, Brad, Idris and the rest with your righteous mind. #me tooCallingOutYouToo.

  • James Odin
    James Odin

    Well, just taking money from the pockets (or g-strings) of women.

  • Aaron  Warner
    Aaron WarnerOwner at Good News Training

    Perspective: the pornography industry in the US makes more annually than the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL combined.

    It’s nice of UA to acknowledge the problem, now how do we fix the bigger issue?

  • With porn widely available, why should entertainment entail strip clubs anyway? Up the game perhaps

  • John Fronk
    John Fronk

    You shouldn’t be surprised. The Democrats set the #Me Too movement back 20 years with the Kavanaugh circus. No more victims, just accusers.

  • Mike Pope
    Mike Pope

    how is this news? way to catch up you bunch of jerks...hats off to the snoozers!!

  • How does one expense dollar bills?

  • Jamie Merkel
    Jamie MerkelProduct Consultant at Pembina Controls

    This seems like a cheap publicity stunt that is going to backfire on these guys

  • Chris  long
    Chris longScientist

    People are always so concerned about other people’s money and time

  • Ola  Itan
    Ola Itan

    What with this “strip clubs is now a bad thing” band wagon?

  • Jeffery A. Candler
    Jeffery A. Candler

    Testament that every large corporation has a culture. They have no excuses. Their culture has to change.

  • Peter Cathey
    Peter CatheyPetrosman Creations

    Really?!? Strip clubs? How does this even have to exist as a policy? At least in this century I mean.

    Where did they find these people who made of habit of this type of thing? Cast extras from Mad Men? Perhaps they have a wayback machine and took it to the mid 1970s and recruited any guy in a lime green polyester leisure suit and drive an Electra 225?

  • Robert Chickey
    Robert ChickeyFinish Designer at Bespoke-Finish, Inc

    As a man I find that this mentality of a major corporation kind of shocking. While I'm pleased that they recognize that allowing their employees to expense trips to the strip clubs is bad for business, what is their real motivation? Wake up world. Women are valuable and an important asset to any business. If the #metoo movement was not front and center, they likely would have continued. WTF!

  • Brandy Worley
    Brandy Worley

    Its a waste of good money.

  • De'Marcus Sparks
    De'Marcus Sparks

    Ummmmm what? 😂😂😂

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