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Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts for trademark infringement

By MarketWatch

The Girl Scouts say a Boy Scout rebranding effort is cutting into their turf, causing confusionRead full story


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  • When the Girl Scouts start buying the first 200 seats at Boy Scouts events to make it look empty like 50 cent did to Ja Rule then I’ll start to worry about where this feud is going.

  • no good deed goes unpunished!! they drop “boy” from their name to be inclusive to all genders and then get sued by the girl scouts! could this country be more screwed up?

  • kira Bindrim
    kira Bindrimmanaging editor at quartz

    No better way to make clear that you're a profit-seeking company first and a child-development organization second than with a petty lawsuit.

  • Greg Vetter
    Greg VetterCEO at Tessemae’s

    These two groups just can’t get it right. It used to be such an anchor of American youth and now it’s passé. I was in scouts until 15 and the skills learned are still with me today. I now have children and find myself questioning exposing them to the ongoing shit show that these two groups continue to create for themselves.

  • Michael Tabb
    Michael TabbVideo journalist at Quartz

    If you can't tell the difference between the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts, maybe it doesn't actually matter which group you join. It would be nice to see both groups pushing each other to be more inclusive, rather than suing each other for minor steps in the right direction. Only judging from personal experience with both organizations, they've each got a lot of growing to do.

  • The knot, I mean plot, thickens.

  • Why in God’s name can’t there be Boy Scouts AND Girl Scouts without trying to crush one another. For goodness sakes, enjoy the service organization to which you belong and get back to serving and stop the petty bickering! It’s awful!!!

  • Helen Hoefele
    Helen HoefeleBlogger at

    I guess intent matters here, too. Are the Boy Scouts trying to absorb the Girl Scouts so that there is only one type of Scouts going forward? Change like this will take time. It might not be a bad idea, but it needs to be managed carefully. Doing whatever is best for the children should be the priority.

  • Lindsey  Avena
    Lindsey Avena

    You know, I was in a co-ed group in elementary school called Campfire and it was rad. We avoided all of this petty drama that’s ensuing between Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. It all sounds so ominous and innocuous at the same time. But by golly, listen to those Girl Scouts!

  • Danielle Stevens
    Danielle StevensStevensLabs

    One plus is when you have a boy and a girl they can be in the same group instead of having to attend two meetings per week. But on the flip side, who wants to miss out on selling girls scout cookies?! The boy scout ‘s alternative popcorn is a terrible product. If they change their strategy to cookie this year, then you Girl Scouts should worry.

  • Just join 4-H! :)

  • Well that is a #nottheonion headline if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'BrienCEO at MediaTech Ventures

    Let's serve kids, by suing one another to ensure it's more difficult to do so.

  • Interesting! #trademarks

  • Amber Parker
    Amber Parker

    I guess i am having a hard time understanding why they cant just get along and there be a boy scouts and a girl scouts.. idk maybe i am missing something

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