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Dutchman, 69, starts legal bid to become 20 years younger


Lying about your age on dating websites is usually considered a bit of a faux pas. Now a 69-year-old Dutchman wants the courts to make him officially 20 years younger, likening the change to identiRead full story


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  • Marina Vander Heyden
    Marina Vander HeydenMortgage & Real Estate Agent

    Aged is fixed. It is the length of time something has existed. He would still be lying on Tinder if he changed his age.

  • Let’s play this the other way. Say I was a very mature 15 year old young man, and make the argument I should be recognized as 21 based on that self-assessment of my own maturity. Should the courts recognize that? What is six years compared to 20?

    No doubt my real life social prospects would improve greatly, being able to acquire spiritous beverages as a high school sophomore.

    There is a reason there is no legal precedent, it’s remarkably silly.

  • Sonya Jackson
    Sonya JacksonproFounder at Mantra for Good


    Favorite quote from him: “‘If I put on Tinder that I am 69, I will not get a response...[As] 49, with that face of mine, then I'm rammed.’”

    This man has no shortage of self-esteem.

    Wonder how his children will feel having a father who is their age.

  • Helen Hoefele
    Helen HoefeleBlogger at

    Legally, as an identity argument, this raises an interesting point. If we can change our birth certificate or drivers license to be classified as gender "X" rather than M or F, how is age that dissimilar? Not that I think this man's case has merit, but it does seem to have a similar supporting argument as the gender X reclassifications.

  • Jackie Dawson
    Jackie DawsonRetired in Texas at Self employed

    Sure. Think I’ll age myself so I can collect full SS benefits early. *eye roll*

  • I hope his kids would rather have a happy 49-year-old than a depressed 69-year-old. You do you Dutchman.

  • Molly Remes
    Molly Remes

    What can I say? He’s so right about ageism, yet I think he needs to accept reality.

  • Maranatha Kure
    Maranatha KureFounder at Olive Arts

    He doesn't need a judge, he either needs a time machine or God such that his mother gave birth to him 20 years later.

  • Patrick deHahn
    Patrick deHahnNews curator at Quartz

    1) This is offensive to the transgender cause. And 2) time can be seen as a social construct, so therefore can aging be too?

  • lourdes garcia
    lourdes garcia

    Who didn’t see this coming? After all, if it’s legal to have gender fluidity why not age fluidity? Who is to say that your fluidity is better than mine? Facts don’t matter anymore, sadly.

  • Barbara  Clarke
    Barbara Clarke Principal at The Impact Seat

    What a silly story. Silly person. Fun click bait. However, journalists need to refrain from asking transgender folks for comment because it is not at all similar.

  • Jack Romano
    Jack Romano

    This guy is a brilliant satirist. Well done.

  • Laurel Touby
    Laurel ToubyManaging Partner/GM at Supernode Ventures

    I feel the same way. Let’s start a movement to be considered younger!!

  • Is this a Simpsons bit? It's like trying to legally change your height.

  • Michael Erisman
    Michael Erisman

    When you throw Truth and Reality out the window, you have lost the foundation for any decisions to make sense. Liberal ideology is completely logically bankrupt, so expect more idiocy like this.

  • Anthony Duignan-Cabrera
    Anthony Duignan-CabreraCEO at ADC Strategy

    Why is this news?

  • How would health insurers deal with this?

  • Adaora Udoji
    Adaora Udoji

    Interesting. @cindygallop what say you?

  • Marc P.
    Marc P.product marketing

    This is what happens in a post-truth culture. The truth stands independent of what you feel or identify,

  • Marty Day
    Marty Day

    There’s that iconic ‘60s commercial saying... It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

  • Marla Griffith
    Marla GriffithVP Operations & Finance at SoapAI

    This is fantastic!

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