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China’s state-run press agency has created an ‘AI anchor’ to read the news

By The Verge

But the agency’s new host isn’t any more sophisticated than a CGI puppetRead full story


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  • Kara Nortman
    Kara NortmanproPartner at Upfront Ventures

    This has been happening in Japan with Hatsune Miku, a animate character that has released 100k songs and packs real world stadiums. She sings in many different styles. Here in the US, similar early real/fake characters emerging (Lil Miquela). What is real anyway? Certainly not that Instagram pic...

  • Junta Nakai
    Junta NakaiproIndustry Leader at Databricks

    “Made in China” is often associated with cheap and low quality. But when it comes to AI, China is second to none.

    80% of the battle in AI is access to data. Given the sheer number of people and lax attitude towards privacy, China has a massive edge versus the West.

  • Kevin Delaney
    Kevin DelaneyEditor in chief at Quartz

    This is super primitive now, but it's not hard to see how it will get a lot better.

  • As a mouthpiece for a totalitarian state run media outlet, such technology could not make more sense. That may sound sardonic, but it’s quite true. For the CCP it ensures that they communicate the party line, in exactly the way the party desires. I am surprised they hadn’t tried something like this sooner.

  • Hmmm. I could get on board. Maybe ABC will get us an AI Peter Jennings or AI Connie Chung this Christmakkuhwanza.

  • Must make our current administration RED with envy. No FAKE NEWS here folks. Just censored and manipulated to the point of audible, viewable unintelligible, thought-controlling, kind-of the news entertainment. Thanks for viewing and believing every word.

    Of course, America is going to demand more than just two characters.

  • Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'BrienCEO at MediaTech Ventures

    "The development of the media industry calls for continuous innovation."

    Sounds familiar :)

    Cool to hear an AI reinforcing our vision!

  • Andrew  Au
    Andrew Au

    Aren’t human reporters on Xinhua effectively robots reading prepared news reports? So what’s the difference if an AI bot reads the news? Why hire humans who make mistakes, get sick , need holiday, etc when you can replace them with a bot to do the same thing?

  • Ethan Dickenson
    Ethan Dickenson

    It’s China’s version of ‘max headroom’ the AI MTV disc jockey (late 80s). Its perfect for the communists, they don’t even need to appoint a minder to watch over the anchor. Eventually, the Chinese people are going to revolt and a bloody civil war will follow. Sadly, it’s another reason for the communist government to engage the US in war. War will take the public’s mind off their internal problems by giving them a 3rd party to focus their anger upon.

  • William Wood
    William WoodOwner at William Wood

    Keep this up, soon you won’t need, me or you!

  • Yuni Wakamatu
    Yuni Wakamatu

    Natural language Process which is focusing on studying how human beings can understand the language logically is still developing.

    AI still doesn't conceive the emotion as we do.

    The scientists don't comprehend it yet.

    In my view,AI won't replace the anchors since its communication capability is very limited.

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