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Jane Goodall Isn’t Giving Up

By The Tyee

Faced with mass species die-offs and presidential horrors, the dazzling doctor still finds hope in resiliency. A Tyee interviewRead full story


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  • Fascinating interview with a passionate, brilliant advocate for the planet

  • I’m guilty of “The Jane Effect”. She’s amazing. And Jane the documentary from NatGeo is a must-watch. I was even more in awe of her resilience and deification to her life’s work.

  • Jane Goodall is a blessing to humanity. In times like these, it’s important to stay optimistic but at the same time brace for the future to come.

  • It’s amazing how much effort the author exerts trying to politicize Jane Goodall. She’s a true scientist and one of the few really noble people out there. Too bad she couldn’t be featured in a better article.

    Reminds me of the time someone in her organization went nuts criticizing that old Far Side about her, and it turned out they she really liked it.

  • In Jane you trust 🙏

  • As a positivist, I want to think there is hope, despite the recent, terrifying reminders of the havoc humans have caused. Jane Goodall is also still ideological: “There is a great deal of optimism, and so many great projects, kindness to animals, people devoting their lives to eradicating poverty, environmental design. It’s important not to give up.”

  • Took my Mom to see Dr. Jane Goodall in Bflo NY a few years back.....Consistently impressed by her determination to creatively educate and activate humanity.....Dr.Jane Goodall.......A Treasure of Wisdom and Compassion...Thank you Jane!!!

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