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Do we have a moral obligation to quit Facebook?

By Quartz

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  • If the future story of Facebook were told before joining the network, most would have stayed away. As it happens, now that we've all joined, most (including myself) are too lazy to quit. 😑

  • I have limited my interaction on Facebook and how much I connect to the platform. Same for Twitter. Increasingly I feel I should erase all profiles. But without a better alternative I know my business will suffer, as well as some of my social relationships that depend on the links we make over social media.

    I’m ready to move on. What are the proposal for new networks?

  • The harm that Facebook has done (and continues to do) is nearly unprecedented. We just aren’t aware of all the damage or the extent to which it’s done harm. I’ve quit Facebook and while I miss the platform it provided I have no interest in continuing to help a corrupt and evil company prosper.

  • Yes. Facebook is doing powerfully awful things and we shouldn’t support it. Period. But we won’t be able to stop other people from using it, because people don’t really *care* about the immoral path Facebook is going down. They want to connect with their friends and family, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that continued use is going to carry them down the same path. The company is essentially full of children who don’t learn until consequences have started to pour in. Why does anyone want to see how far they’ll go?

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