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Cleveland Browns considering Condoleezza Rice for head coach interview, per report


Browns GM John Dorsey said he would consider a woman for the team's coaching role, and Condoleezza Rice could be interviewed for the positionRead full story


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  • Noah Chestnut
    Noah ChestnutDirector, Product at Bleacher Report

    This is bull 💩. There is zero chance the Browns would actually hire her so it's a PR stunt to satisfy the Rooney rule. This entire rumor is actually kinda offensive regardless of your partisan leaning

  • Sumeet Shah
    Sumeet ShahBacking brands at Swiftarc Ventures

    Pasting from my original post from Bleacher Report...

    Condi would actually be a perfect choice.

    Fun fact: Her dream job is to be NFL Commissioner, actually!!

  • This would be an amazing example of agility. But I know nothing about football and my husband who does follow the sports response was: “no. This isn’t happening. It would be a disaster.”

  • Jay Lauf
    Jay LaufCEO at Quartz

    My Dolphins need to make some kind of bold move like this - some time in my lifetime preferably

  • Peter Green
    Peter GreenFounder at FoodMakers.NYC

    Oh, please she helped actively push us down the path to oblivion (war in Iraq, Patriot Act, etc). Have you no shame? Go sit in a library and read a book for the rest of your life. Or join the Peace Corps and try to atone.

  • Jackie Dawson
    Jackie DawsonRetired in Texas at Self employed

    She has NO coaching experience. As we have learned in the past even ex football players do not necessarily make good coaches. Ridiculous idea.

  • William MacMonagle
    William MacMonagleCommunity College Instructor

    Didn’t know she was a fan. Well, she helped lead us to war against a country that didn’t attack us; perhaps she can lead them to victory and somehow redeem herself on the gridiron.

  • De’Andre Crenshaw
    De’Andre CrenshawRetail Managment at CVS Pharmacy

    Honestly she is a really smart, woman and has a lot of knowledge around the sport. She was previously a top name to replace the NFL current commissioner, I don’t know if Cleveland is the right spot for her but I’m sure she will look at the option.

  • Cristhel  B
    Cristhel BArtist / author

    Politicians coaching sports, real estate tycoons running our country.... what’s next? Let’s see what happens next.

  • Secretary Rice is a Wonder Woman with super powers and it can’t get much worse for the Browns so why not?

  • sandy vega
    sandy vega

    Conddoleeza Rice is a lady that I would vote for for President.

  • Seems more of a political move than a business move

  • Edwin Ortiz
    Edwin OrtizR.N. at Mobil Dialysis

    Oh please! 😒

  • Steven Storer
    Steven Storer

    She would be GREAT! In Cincinnati. Please.

  • Vince Tardy
    Vince TardyVice-President, Design at Brightfind

    Wait, what

  • John Tucker III
    John Tucker IIIresident at retirement

    Is this story fake or just a fanciful thought

  • Robert Shaw IV
    Robert Shaw IV

    Might as well hire her. The worlds is falling apart already anyway.

  • Joseph Patla
    Joseph Patla


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