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Cryptocurrencies Plummet, With Bitcoin Breaking Below $5,000

By Bloomberg

The slide in cryptocurrencies accelerated Monday, with Bitcoin piercing the $5,000 mark for the first time since October 2017, amid speculation that increased regulatory scrutiny will prompt issuers of initial coin offerings to liquidate holdings


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  • Last Xmas: bitcoin jealousy, FOMO, HODL

    This Xmas: look at those losers for chasing $

    Next Xmas: bitcoin jealousy, FOMO, HODL

    and the circle of bitcoin goes round and round

  • Mike Osswald
    Mike OsswaldVP, Experience Innovation at Hanson Inc.

    What I want to know is if this will help save the environment...

  • David Yakobovitch
    David YakobovitchAI Professor at Galvanize

    As there is no intrinsic value for these cryptocurrencies, people are exiting their positions for 2018. Why hold onto a losing bet?

  • It’s really the ledger that’s the golden goose

  • My fundamental concern about bitcoin is that it feels a lot like a digital pyramid scheme.

  • Sari Zeidler
    Sari ZeidlerDirector of Growth at Quartz

    Looks like things are coming full circle from the bitcoin boom last December.

  • Just another pyramid scheme disguised as an “alternative currency.”

  • I never got it. Never.

  • Michael Andrews
    Michael AndrewsFounder & CEO at MPA Global

    I have tried to remain focused on developments in the blockchain technology without getting overwrought about a specific cryptocurrency. I continue to believe the development of blockchain is more important than the early products.

  • Christopher Wright
    Christopher Wright

    Bye bye Bitcoin Go mining for real things instead of wasting electricity

  • Homer Harkins
    Homer Harkins

    Buying opportunity. Currency of the future. I’m ready for another 1200% ROI!

  • James Brown
    James Browntreason is at fresh data smack

    Bitcoins a go

  • Allan Thomas
    Allan Thomas

    Inevitable for something so intangible

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