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A viewer’s guide to navigating the messy streaming TV world

By Quartz Membership

We asked for choice. And, guess what? We got it—perhaps more than we bargained for. As the share of people who have canceled traditional TV in the US hurtles toward 20% of the adult population, players big and small are placing bets to see what people will pay for and watch. It is a far—andRead full story


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  • Yusuke Umeda
    Yusuke UmedaFounder and CEO at Uzabase

    I subscribe to traditional Cable TV, Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Hulu but 90% of my family’s time is on Netflix... I should reconsider my contracts based on this guide.

  • Ian Myers
    Ian MyersFounder at Country House Enterprises

    For me, the biggest issue is that there is no perfect service. I subscribe to HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, but there’s usually only one or two shows on each service I actually would pay for.

    I’m paying for choice, but I don’t want the choices! What to do....oh. Read this.

  • Kevin Delaney
    Kevin DelaneyEditor in chief at Quartz

    We’re clearly at a transition stage in terms of the consumer offerings for what we watch. Some of the assumptions from earlier stages are wrong—and this piece answers some of the key questions I’ve had about how to beat access live sports and news, for example.

    It also makes me think there’s a business for someone to optimize digital subscriptions for consumers—as it does remain fragmented and hard to parse.

  • Ernie Sander
    Ernie SanderDirector of Platform Community at Quartz

    Great look at what is—and isn't—going to be possible with all the new streaming services. I was interested particularly in the outlook for true 'a la carte' TV, which is one of the great promises of the streaming revolution.

  • Suz Holmes
    Suz HolmesPromoter at Apalachee Productions

    I have Sling Tv , Netflix, Hulu, Acorn and Britbox and it’s still cheaper than a satellite service

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